Here is what some of the press have said about the EUYO in recent years...


"Twenty-Seven Heavens gave all sections of the EUYO plenty to get their teeth into, and Noseda inspired a first-rate performance", Andrew Clark, the Financial Times, UK, 26th August 2012


"Under Gianandrea Noseda's direction it [the EUYO] sounded far more impassioned and expressive than the celebrated Cleveland Orchestra had done the previous evening", Richard Morrison, The Times, UK, 26th August 2012


"The grey-clouds melancholy of Debussy's Nocturnes was beautifully caught by these brilliant young players", Ivan Hewitt, The Telegraph, UK, 24th August 2012

"Askenazy held nothing back and the result was tremendous - electric and ecstatic. [...] Their sound had remarkable character, strength and beauty. [...] If more concerts were performed with as much dedication and passion, maybe the audience for serious music would be growing again. The EUYO is special." Chicago Tribune, USA, April 2012


"Bobbing and weaving like a boxer, Ashkenazy led a variegated Technicolor performance." Boston Globe, USA, April 2012


"The European Union Youth Orchestra proved that it is among the elite institutions of its kind [...] Mr Ashkenazy's handsome moulding brought out sumptuous warmth, sharp detail and stormy power. [...] The orchestra provided pert, effervescent accompaniment for Itzhak Perlman [...] In nearly every respect the concert was indistinguishable from what any fine orchestra might present. But one keen difference was the joy evident onstage. When Mr Ashkenazy singled out Mr Rubio Diaz for applause, colleagues whooped openly; at evening's end, the players embraced each other openly."  New York Times, USA, April 2012


"The European Union Youth Orchestra need fear no competition." Washington Post, USA, April 2012


"The sheer number of extra trumpets needed for the first and last movements of Janacek's Sinfonietta would have made the average army jealous. This started the concert with royal stature. [...] The fourth symphony by Bruckner opened beautifully with a splendid horn solo, serene and perfectly in tune." de Telegraaf, August 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


"And finally, the finale, seldom heard with such amazing expression, with the monumental final climax, which with good reason provoked the audience's rapture at the end: the European Union Youth Orchestra under its Music Director, the energetic and charismatic Vladimir Ashkenazy really shone in Gustav Mahler's First Symphony ('Titan')." Kleine Zeitung, August 2011, Villach, Austria

"Members of the audience that packed the Blue Concert Hall rewarded the talented performers with rapturous applause." Novosti, 5 April 2011, Belgrade, Serbia

"The playful, joyful youth, ready to tackle the challenges of the demanding programme, were elating in their performance.", 7 April 2011, Zagreb, Croatia


"Each piece was a highlight of the evening, which came to a Shakespearean conclusion with Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet. Particularly impressive were the scenes of youthful freshness." Berner Zeitung, April 2011, Interlaken, Switzerland


"A brilliant festival finale on this last Young Euro Classic evening." Der Tagesspiegel, 25 August 2010, Berlin, Germany


"It is astonishing how high the standard of the European Union Youth Orchestra is." Volkskrant, 24 August 2010, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


"The EUYO played [Karlowicz's Bianca da Molena] with such vitality and brilliance that they certainly turned heads." Berliner Zeitung, 24 August 2010, Berlin, Germany


"The EUYO's appearance was at the same time both a successful finale and a highlight of this year's festival." Neues Deutschland, 24 August 2010, Berlin, Germany


"The musicians of the European Union Youth Orchestra demonstrated energy, passion and dedication." Dziennik Łódzki, 19 August 2010, Łódź, Poland


"The EU orchestra's exciting string section caught the ear immediately." [...] "The final blazing affirmation of Slavic feeling [in Janaček's Taras Bulba]was overwhelming."  The Guardian, 10 August 2010, London, UK


"A sensational concert... The hall thundered with the audience's appreciation." [...] "I have never heard [Janaček's Taras Bulba] played better." Niederösterreichische Nachrichten Krems/Kamptal, Week 33 2010, Grafenegg, Austria


"One of the best EUYOs we have heard in terms of ensemble playing, technical quality and rhythmic verve." Musica, May 2010, Lugano, Switzerland


"The young musicians were all highly committed, and their faces lit up as they tackled the many virtuosic passages."  Giornale di Brescia, 10 April 2010, Brescia, Italy


"Simply magnificent. With the EUYO, Ashkenazy is in his element."  [...]  "A fresh and contagious sense of enthusiasm spread like magnetism from the stage to the stalls and the audience." L'Eco di Bergamo, 11 April 2010, Bergamo, Italy