Members' obligations:

By confirming participation in an EUYO project, members agree to the following:

  • To take out personal medical and travel insurance for the period of involvement in the project.
  • To fully insure their instrument for the period of involvement in the project.
  • If a member chooses not to purchase the above insurance policies, he/she must accept that any costs relating to medical treatment, damaged or lost goods, or instrument repair will be entirely their own responsibility.
  • To accept that in the event of cancelling their participation in the project, members may be liable for costs incurred by replacing them. In the event of a member leaving the tour for medical reasons the above costs will be waived on production of a doctor's certificate.
  • The EUYO has full rights to all broadcasting and recording of any EUYO concerts on radio, television or other media.

In rehearsals

Where music is sent in advance, it is expected that members will thoroughly prepare the music before the start of the tour.

Members must be on stage, warmed-up and ready to tune at least five minutes before the start of the rehearsal. The orchestra tunes to A=442. If a member is running late for a rehearsal, he/she must contact a member of staff. That member is expected to apologise personally to the conductor or sectional tutor for their absence.

Do not bring cups or hot drinks on stage in rehearsals and please take all litter (water bottles etc.) with you when you leave the stage.

In concert

Ladies: Full length black. EUYO prefers skirts to trousers and shoulders must be covered. Scarves will be provided and must be kept in a presentable condition for the duration of the project.

Men: Black tie (schwarzer anzug/smoking). A bow tie will be provided and must be kept in a presentable condition for the duration of the project.

At the end of a concert that includes an encore, ALL members should remain on stage until the tutti orchestra leaves at the end of the concert. If members are not playing in the encore they remain on stage and take bows with the rest of the orchestra again after the encore has been played.

At the end of each concert please ensure that you put all your parts in the folder, and at the end of the tour it is ESSENTIAL that all music for all the different programmes is returned to the librarian, including chamber music etc.

When invited to a post concert reception it is required that you stay in full concert dress for the reception unless announced to the contrary beforehand. Alcohol consumption should be limited, as you are an ambassador for the orchestra, your country and the EU.

On tour

EUYO insist that members travel with a passport and not a European Identity Card even when the tour takes place within the EU. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the end of the tour.

The daily schedule for the following day is placed on the orchestra notice board every evening. It is a member's responsibility to check the schedule regularly and make sure he/she is familiar with the schedule for the following day.

Members must ensure they are prompt for all rehearsals, meals, transfers etc. If a member misses a departure, it is that member's responsibility to get him/herself to the destination at his/her own cost. In the culture of some countries at mealtimes no-one is served until everyone arrives so if you are late you delay everybody (or you may not get a meal). Please respect that with buffet service meals, the vegetarian/ special meals provided are for those who have requested them, and for them only.

Members are expected to observe local laws especially with regard to drinking and smoking. Underage drinking will not be tolerated by the EUYO and may result in that member being sent home from the tour at his/her own cost.

Any behaviour of a member of the EUYO deemed offensive by EUYO staff or the common sensibilities of the country visited may result in that member being sent home from the tour at his/her own cost.

In hotels

Hotel room parties of any size will not tolerated and may result in the member(s) hosting the party being sent home from the tour at their on cost.

EUYO requests that members keep reasonably quiet in the bedrooms, there may always be someone near you trying to sleep. EUYO staff will inform members where, when and if they may practice in each hotel. This may not always be possible.

Members are responsible for any damage, phone bills or bar bills that are associated with their rooms.

Members must alert EUYO staff in they are planning on having any guests staying with them during the project. EUYO discourages members from having visitors for more than 3 days. Members are responsible for covering their guest's accommodation and all food costs.

Travelling on coaches

For the sake of fellow EUYO members and staff, smoking is not permitted on coaches. In many countries it is a legal requirement that seatbelts are worn at all times, and many countries also forbid the consumption of alcohol on board. Behaviour by coach passengers that is intended to distract other road users can lead to legal action against the coach company and the involvement of the police.

In general

It is also an EUYO rule... that you are here to make wonderful music in special concerts with fellow players, great conductors and amazing soloists who share your passion and your talent, and to make great friends from among your fellow young Europeans who will remain with your for the rest of your life. ENJOY!

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