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"The EUYO is, and always will be, a unique orchestra. It brings together Europe's greatest young talents and provides them with unforgettable experiences preparing them for the real world -- and audiences with wonderful performances at the highest level all over the world. Only with your support can the EUYO exist to carry on achieving this on behalf of our next generation of great orchestral players."

Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy


We would like to thank the current Friends below for their support, as well as all those who have chosen to remain anonymous:

EUYO Ambassadors

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Gianandrea Noseda


Sir Harold and Lady Atcherley

Tania Bryer

Dirk Engelmann

Peter and Cynthia Hardy

Dr Onno Ruding

Friends of Clumber Studios

Claude Wasserstein


Rehearsal Friend

Dame Mary Archer

Fred and Marianne Emery

Dr Eckhart von Hahn

Edna Laird

Frank Mikorey

Nicola Wallis