Dear E-U-Y-O ! :)


     Today i realized how much i miss you.,When I say "you" i mean all the things you've gave to me..Fantastic musical experience, fantastic friends, a diffenerent point of view to the life and lots of things..


     I woke up today and a friend called and told me that I got a place for the EUYO again..It was "National Holiday for Sovereignty & Children" in Turkey and north part of Cyprus, two days ago. I am not a child anymore, but my happiness this morning was just like the happiness i felt in that particular holiday when i was a little little kid :) 


     I have learnt a lot in the EUYO..I made life-long friends as Mrs. B' says, and we were all congratulating each other and sharing our happiness today about the results for being able to play together next summer and spring! I am so happy at the moment and I can't find a lot to write.. I can't even remember a viola joke to make you laugh! :)


     I can't wait to see you all in the summer!!! Thanks for being in my life EUYO, you made me a better person and a better musician :)


     Nihat :)